Pre-Treatment Solutions for Industrial Water

Culligan has a number of pre-treatment solutions that are used to increase the lifespan and improve the performance of process equipment downstream. 

This initial module decreases your overall maintenance and operating costs while promoting consistent production. Culligan Engineers can help you determine which combination of solutions best meets your needs.


To provide complete filtration for any need or capacity, Culligan recommends filters to reduce turbidity from water, adsorb odors, neutralize acidity, and reduce heavy metals. Filtered water can minimize blowdown for substantial cost savings.


Culligan offers an advanced line of softeners to reduce the accumulation of harmful scale in equipment caused by iron, calcium, magnesium, and manganese ions. Softened water replaces those ions with sodium salts to improve the efficiency of process equipment without anti-scalant chemicals, resulting in both immediate and long-term cost reduction.

Chemicals and Anti-Scalants

Some feed water conditions and operational circumstances are best addressed by a variety of chemicals and anti-scalant solutions. These solutions are designed to complement your overall water treatment solution. An on-site water analysis provides Culligan Engineers the necessary data to design an effective cleaning program for your process. This may extend the life of your RO membrane.

pH Adjustment

Effective pre-treatment may utilize pH adjustment to help meet your process equipment specifications.


Culligan Dealkalizers reduce unwanted anions in your water supply. By using an ion exchange process, dealkalizers reduce anions and may help reduce fuel and operating costs.

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